Chapter 26 – The Castle Manuever

The Leviathan Chronicles Season Two

Welcome to the exciting premiere of Season 2 of The Leviathan Chronicles!   This chapter picks up just moments after the dramatic conclusion of Season 1.  Evangeline is in a coma after Bennu’s vicious attack.  Macallan and Anton must now deal with the power vacuum within Leviathan as the city continues to self-destruct due to the deadly computer virus infecting the city’s AI.  Tulley and Oberlin are reunited in Tibet, but must now grapple with being separated from the women they love, while being hunted by the Yakuza for the financial debt they owe.  And Seinshun has now joined forces with The Blackdoor Group to find the aliens that are now trapped somewhere on Earth.  But the aliens are harboring a secret that could destroy Leviathan, and the rest of humanity.

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