The Leviathan Christmas Special

Happy Holidays from everyone at The Byron Chronicles & The Leviathan Chronicles.  In this special episode, Evangeline makes a special offer to another immortal in exchange for some supernatural help.

Special Edition Clip – Snipe

Snipe is the origin story of the deadly virus that has infected Leviathan City and threatens to destroy the immortal stronghold.  Ten years ago, a genetic computer virus was created that was capable of bringing any network in the world to

Special Edition Clip – The Ward

Enjoy the opening clip of Special Edition #4: The Ward, an original 75-minute stand alone Leviathan episode. This episode is a high tech thriller that takes place in Paris seventeen years ago.  Harlequinn aims to steal a religious relic from his past,

Special Edition Clip – The Rogue Plague

In this clip, listen to the first scene of The Rogue Plague, an original 2-hour stand alone Leviathan episode, and learn the origin of Harlequinn and discover how he obtained his immortality centuries ago.  The Rogue Plague also tells the

Special Edition Clip – The Dramatist

Enjoy the opening scene from Special Edition #2: The Dramatist, written by Nobi Nakanishi, an original 50-minute stand alone Leviathan episode.  In this clip, we meet Clive Barrington, an immortal from Leviathan trying to keep a low profile on the


An epic podcast with a brilliant plot, great narration and an amazing cast! An audio drama (rather than a "mere" audio book) indeed. Thank you, Christof, and the entire LC team and cast for all the work you have done to provide your listeners with so much high-class entertainment!...

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