Special Edition Clip – The Ward

The Leviathan Chronicles Special Edition

Enjoy the opening clip of Special Edition #4: The Ward, an original 75-minute stand alone Leviathan episode. This episode is a high tech thriller that takes place in Paris seventeen years ago.  Harlequinn aims to steal a religious relic from his past, but is thwarted by a new security system unlike any other he has encountered.  To take back what is his, Harlequinn recruits a young girl from a treacherous orphanage to become his partner-in-crime.  As their relationship develops, the tentacles of Leviathan reach out to disrupt his partnership and use the young girl as leverage to control Harlequinn.  Soon, Harlequinn and his young ward will have to decide how deep their loyalty to each other will go.  You can purchase this episode now at http://leviathanchronicles.backmybook.com/products


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