Hello Everyone,

First of all, on behalf of myself and our entire production team, I want to convey our deepest sympathies with everyone suffering from this tragic pandemic around the world. None of us ever have faced a situation of such staggering global consequence, and yet strikes so intimately into the personal rhythms of our lives. I hope you and your families are staying safe and sane during this awful period of uncertainty.

In regards to Leviathan, as many of you know, we have been pushing to release Season 3 in early April. In fact, I was supposed to be in NYC on Sunday to begin two weeks of final edits. Obviously, this is no longer possible. But we are continuing production using all the telecommuting tools we can to co-edit and conduct listening sessions to finish the few outstanding scenes that remain. We had a few actors scheduled for pickups during the week, and we are currently exploring alternative recording methods to obtain their performances. Everyone has been amazing at finding novel ways to get the remaining jobs finished. To that end, we are working as hard as we can to get the next Season released by end of April. In fact, we think it’s more important than ever to keep pushing. These are scary times, and we all deserve an escape. The need for good storytelling has never been greater. I want to thank you all for patience and support as we finish our final laps. This is a deeply personal project for me, especially Season 3. You’ll be seeing more updates here in the coming weeks, including more specific information surrounding our release.

Lastly, I also want to urge everyone to please follow your local instructions, and shelter in place if you can. If not, please take every other precaution you can to stay safe, including not gathering and practicing social distancing. Without going into detail, I was just discharged two days ago from the hospital for non-COVID illness. In fact, it was the sickest I’d ever been in my life. I was truly mortally scared. Being on the inside, it became painfully clear how quickly our health care system could get overloaded if the crisis continues to escalate. You don’t want to be in a hospital right now. Please take precautions. Seriously.

I’ll be posting more news in the next two weeks. Again, thank you all for your patience and support. It means so much. Please stay safe. Please look out for each other. Be kind wherever you can. We’re in this together.


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An epic podcast with a brilliant plot, great narration and an amazing cast! An audio drama (rather than a "mere" audio book) indeed. Thank you, Christof, and the entire LC team and cast for all the work you have done to provide your listeners with so much high-class entertainment!...

- martinimnetz, -