Hey Everyone! Week One Update: As some of you know, Robin, Luke and I…

Hey Everyone! Week One Update: As some of you know, Robin, Luke and I have all taken leaves of absence to work on Leviathan 24 / 7 here in Austin, TX for the next month. Nobi remains in NYC coordinating the actors and getting all the dialogue we need. We’ve been working for the past year on Season 2, but we needed the time to all be physically together to get the Season over the finish line.

Our first week has been amazingly productive. Robin has done final mixing on the first several opening episodes. They sound simply amazing and a HUGE step up from Season 1. We thought we could mix one episode a day but it seems to be taking us closer to 1.5 to 2 days per episode, depending on length. In addition, to working on the main season, we will spent part of this coming week working on assembling some of the extra content for the Director’s Cut, including the epilogue. Special kudos has to go out to our amazing Narrator Samantha Parker who has been fantastic about getting us retakes and new narration so quickly.

I’ll post another update at the end of the second week to give everyone a sense of how we’re making out. Thank you all for your support and excitement about Season 2. We’ve very proud of what’s been coming out of our speakers and we cannot wait to start sharing with you!
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An epic podcast with a brilliant plot, great narration and an amazing cast! An audio drama (rather than a "mere" audio book) indeed. Thank you, Christof, and the entire LC team and cast for all the work you have done to provide your listeners with so much high-class entertainment!...

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