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Time for the 2014 Leviathan State of the Union –

First of all, my most sincere apologies about the delay in updating you all as to the status of the new episodes and our future plans. Our most valuable asset as a production is the devotion and support of our fans. And for that, you deserve to be kept in the loop, and as the main point of contact, I take responsibility for this lapse. I’m quite sorry, and it shouldn’t happen again.

Second, the remaining 13 episodes of Season 2 being worked on as we speak. Currently, episodes 39-44 are almost completed and in various stages of final tweaking. Episodes 45-50 still require some dialog recording and more substantial production work. The Director’s Cut of Season 2, Part II will probably end up with 30-45 minutes of extra content (in addition to receiving all 12 episodes at once), but the real bonus will be the inclusion of the story’s epilogue which will be additional 30-45 minutes and provide the direction of the surviving characters after the climax of the story and more information regarding alien’s true mission on Earth.

The reason for the delay thus far is multifaceted, but a lot of it boils down to financial reasons. As most of you know, Leviathan is expensive to create. Each episode costs a few thousand dollars to create. Multiply that times 25 episodes and you begin to get the scale our production. Our hope was that the revenue from sales of the first half of Season 2 would provide enough funds to continue production in an uninterrupted fashion. Sadly, that wasn’t quite the case. Additionally, on my side, there were some personal issues that needed my full attention at the end of the year that forced me to take time away from Leviathan.

It’s taken us a bit, but the bottom line is that at this point, we can confidently say that the team is back in full gear and surging to finish Season 2. We are currently working hard to get the latest episodes out to you all as soon as we can. We have also started some of the outlines for Season 3, but all I want to say about it is this – it will probably be closer to 15-20 episodes and it will be available entirely at once. It will also feature a new villainous group that has been hinted at so far. But our biggest priority right now is simply getting Episodes 39-50 in the can and out to you all.

We greatly appreciate the incredible support you have given all of us. It really means the world. Seriously. 2013 was a huge year for our team, but our goal is to make 2014 the biggest year ever for Leviathan. In addition to finishing Season 2, we are aiming to release the 3-part Special Edition Episode, The Rebellion as well as The Betrayal. Lastly, we are also working on cleaning up parts of Season 1 to make a Director’s Cut available soon that will feature a somewhat different Flashback/Origin Scene as well as improvements to music, mixing, and vocal performances. Thank you again for your love, support and patience in helping give Leviathan the energy and support to make it happen. I really, really thank you.

Looking forward to being back in your ears soon. You all rock.



  1. adam

    I love this podcast and with the end of the final season of the other audio drama i love. I wait for an amazing conclusion to season 2 of this audio drama. Can’t wait to hear what leviathan chronicles has in store for us

  2. Lisa

    Hi Christof,
    Looking forward to new episodes and content being available.
    Have you considered, as well as asking for people to pay for extra content maybe setting something up on This is where fans can donate money to go towards production costs for certain episodes so they can be made? Have a look may be something worth doing?

    1. Christof Laputka

      Thanks Lisa. When we get into Season 3, we will probably utilize either Kickstarter or Patreon. I’m actually quite partial to Patreon as it fits our production schedule and business model the best. Thanks for the support.


  3. John Peel

    I sincerely hope that the conclusion of Series 2 will be happening soon. If we the fans can do anything to help, let us know I’m sure they’re all checking for updates as much as me.

  4. Ashleigh

    I can’t be the first person to suggest this, but if the show is expensive to create, won’t you launch a kickstarter?

  5. Dave

    Any update on when the ships will sail again? I have gotten quite a few people hooked and they are begging for more!

  6. danyael

    Every episode costs thousands of dollars to produce? Why exactly? Granted, LC is one of the best audios out there in terms of acting, effects, sound quality and writing, but, there are several audios out there that are on par with LC and one that exceeds it by a narrow margin and none of those have production costs anywhere close to thousands of dollars an episode…wormwood and we’re alive are two examples.

    1. Christof Laputka

      Well…we pay all of our Actors that have speaking roles beyond one line or two about $50 and ep. With usually 6-12 actors per episodes, that gets you to $400-$500 just for acting fees. Silver Sound is about $1,500 per episode is WAY WAY below what they would normally charge a commercial project and film shoot for the huge amount of time they put in. Then our Director needs to get paid a few hundred for all the time he puts in recording the actors and coordinating schedules. Then (and this part is part in unfortunate and mostly our own fault) we often have to pay to fly actors to NYC or rent remote recording studios in other cities in order to get the performances and the recording quality that we feel is up the the standards of Leviathan. And then none of this is taking into consideration, website development, recording equipment or advertising. Thanks for the question and your support.

  7. Jason

    When is the second part of Season 2 coming! Please end my suffering… I need to know what happens… please, please, please

  8. Joe Public

    Literally just wondering if we will ever get an ending to this or if its now a failed project.

    Sorry to be negative but its almost a year since the last episode, so i thought i would ask before deleting what i have in favor of something complete

    1. Christof Laputka


      Leviathan isn’t failed. Please check the Blog for an update shortly for Sneak Peek at the rest of Season 2. No one is more frustrated than me at the time takes to put out new episodes. Thanks your support and patience.


  9. Sheep Herder

    Love the show, cast and story. Hope all is well Christof. Heres hoping for a stellar end to season 2!

    1. Christof Laputka

      Wow. A weekly check is a huge compliment. I really do appreciate it. The rest of the eps are being worked on. Check the Blog shortly for a Sneak Peek at the rest of Season 2. Thanks for your patience and support.

  10. Mannie

    Has anyone heard anything about episodes 39+?

    It’s been so long now I’m starting to wonder if we are going to get new episodes.

    The series is great, but people can only wait so long.

    1. Christof Laputka

      The episodes are being worked on, and progress is being made. Its just agonizingly slow as we try to get scripts right, soundscapes sounding awesome (as opposed to confusing jumbled messes), and coordinating actors who have busy lives. I sincerely appreciate the patience and assure you that the wait will be worth it.


  11. Dr I Campbell

    I refresh your feed daily and have done for months. Guess you can tell we’re all excited for the next instalment. Anyway awesome work – I’ve recommended several friends and rated you top notch on itunes. 😉

  12. Dave Alcock

    Kia ora Chris and team

    I suspect the time for free audio podcasts is nearly over I suspect.

    Your product is top class in my opinion you value yourself to cheaply. You could charge at least 25% more for the paid episodes and advance stuff.

    Also have you considered a kickstarter or pledge fundraising. I am in.

    I am happy to pre-pay now for series 2 completion if that helps.

    Dave A

  13. Sara

    I just have to say that due to some health issues I deal with a lot of pain and I wanted to find something engaging to listen to to help cope. I found Leviathan, it was the first pod cast I tried, and I was Hooked! I think this is an incredible story and I am so excited to see what happens next! Thank you for providing me with a fun escape from pain but you may have spoiled me because everything else seems so dull now. 😀 I will also do what I can to help and purchase the special episodes. Thanks again for continuing to work on this marvelous story and I will pass the word on to everyone I know!!!

  14. Lisa

    I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I haven been listening to the episodes on my long drives home from work and it is very interesting and entertaining. Thank you for putting it out. I hope you continue the great work.

  15. chuck christian

    Big sci fi fan. Really lucky I found it on Librvox. Will be purchasing all the extras to support future episodes. Great job!!! And you should charge for season finales.

  16. eviath

    No matter what I try I can’t seem to register! Very glad to here this update. I bought all the mini episodes and all of season 2. One of the best produced audio dramas ever – especially the way you pull off action scenes. They really stand out!

  17. Donald Johnsen

    I second Fred Finizzi’s statements! Welcome back. I have listened to both seasons so many times, I could probably retell the entire story! I did get the mini episodes and they don’t really have spoilers, but they do add much to the background around the main characters and a few that really haven’t been identified. I have been promoting Leviathan to high school drama coaches and even have one interested in putting on a “live” radio program at his school. I used the Leviathan Chronicles as an example of how sophisticated the production can be.

  18. jb

    Love the audio adventure. Absolutely wonderful.

    That the special programs were available for purchase via iTunes.
    That there was a photo gallery showing the main voice actors in character.
    List the actors — give them some credit and publicity. (It might encourage friendly rates for the talent.)

    To aid revenue, charge for the final episode of each season. I understand that many followers may balk at paying a buck a show (adds up quickly), but every listener would be happy to throw a couple bucks in the hat. Seriously.

    Thanks for all you do for our entertainment. I sincerely hope you’re able to sell the rights for a TV mini-series or multi-part film series.

  19. Melissa

    Heh, I bought all the mini eps and the seasons, because I’m somewhat of a freak for Evangeline. I love her char and I really dont’ care if she’s evil. LOL. Oh, and on a sidenote, love all the people in the series. awesome job! I thought I should include that last in case other’s get jealous. JK.

  20. Fred Finizzi

    oh yeah, I bought season 2 so I am I think I at least contributed to the support of the show. I never bought the extras mini episodes I thought they would be spoilers and wanted to listen to the entire season 2. Well if they are still up I am off to support the cause. I really thought that the series was done because of personal tragedy fallen on Christof or another personal reason. I am 43 and I have to admit that I feel like a kid at Christmas that just got an awesome gift. Welcome back to the entire gang! I missed all of you dark twisted characters! Welcome back everyone. Welcome back to the amazing characters and the talents that bring them to life.

  21. Fred Finizzi


    My two Favorite Audi Dramas just died on me last year and I live for both of them. I will not say which is my favorite but both have the ability to make my own problems fade away when I am listening to them. Now I have one back in the game! I gave up checking a few months ago so this is a very awesome surprise! Welcome back Mr Laputka!


An epic podcast with a brilliant plot, great narration and an amazing cast! An audio drama (rather than a "mere" audio book) indeed. Thank you, Christof, and the entire LC team and cast for all the work you have done to provide your listeners with so much high-class entertainment!...

- martinimnetz, -