Episodes : Season Two

Chapter 38 – The Recovery

The Leviathan Chronicles Season Two

The ultimate showdown erupts in New York City between the Macallan and her strike force versus The Blackdoor Group.  Will Macallan find a Starstone to save Leviathan, and what will it cost her?


  1. Gordon Kent

    Well, I’m relieved to find that it isn’t just me missing something. As a musical arranger/composer/performer as well as a recording studio owner and producer, I know what it’s like to fall into the trap of idealistically promising the moon and finding that in reality I’m lucky to come up with a slice of cheese in the time I have. I certainly can appreciate the awesome amount of work and detail that has gone into this in all facets of the creative process. And I don’t think the star stone is rushed, they still need to get it to Leviathan and they still have Black Door and the aliens to contend with, etc. So keep it up, I’ll be waiting!

  2. Mason

    Dude – you actually sent this post on April Fools Day. Should we believe you?

    BTW, I’m into supporting Leviathan financially but the price for the first half of Season 2 might have been a bit high for many folks??? Might you build more demand at a lower price point? Maybe.

    Good luck finishing Season 2. Leviathan has been awesome. And except for rushing too easily to find a Star Stone at the end of Chapter 38 it has been a great story. Can’t wait for the movie.

    Thank you.

  3. Joshua Sorenson

    I have a writing challenge for Christof Laputka…

    Describe a poor person’s apartment ; p

  4. Dee Wad

    Good lord, is there anyway to just get an alert when the whole thing is done? Or will that be 5 or 10 years down the road? This is a great show but the uber long delay in episodes make it not worth it. I thought season two wouldn’t even start until it was competely finished since there was 3 year lapse.


An epic podcast with a brilliant plot, great narration and an amazing cast! An audio drama (rather than a "mere" audio book) indeed. Thank you, Christof, and the entire LC team and cast for all the work you have done to provide your listeners with so much high-class entertainment!...

- martinimnetz, Podiobooks.com -